Minions on the Loose

This page is where I get to highlight and celebrate the brave souls who have decided to not only undertake a recipe (or two) from this blog, but share the result with us all.

Feeling brave? Want to join the legion?   Send me photos of what you’ve done and I’ll happily share it here!

Amanda V. fell in love with my Terror Misu but instead of following the recipe exactly, she took it as inspiration and ran with it!  Substituting milk chocolate for the white chocolate, she made an absolutely delicious looking skull spiked with cocoa powder and sea salt, creating a totally new and unique twist.  Beautifully done!  I’m both impressed and intrigued…and can’t wait to try her variation as well!


It takes a very special person to look at my Death by Chocolate Cake and decide they want it for their birthday…it takes an even more amazing person to make that cake for the one they love.

Chiletso Maggie S. is just that sort of amazing person!  For her husband’s birthday she made him his very own Death by Chocolate Cake.


Cory M. found my page, fell in love with the Death by Chocolate cake and asked his mom for one…and she made it!  Major props for not only being a mom who delivers but one who delivers THREE CAKES this epically awesome!