December 2016

Halloween Recipe: Spinach and Garlic Pupae On Fungus

You can’t spell fungus without fun!

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Halloween Recipe: Krampus Approved Christmas Coal

One of the highlights of my holiday season is the annual visit from my good friend Krampus.  While you mortals are eagerly awaiting the big guy in his red suit, I prefer his much shaggier, …

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Making Christmas…

I decided to do a little holiday decorating this week…and since I spend so much time on the road running errands, thought the truck could use a little spiffing up. Of course, finding a wreath …

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Dining like a Demon – Holiday Edition

Believe it or not, I love the holiday season…and before you laugh at me, hear me out.  Why do I love this time of the year so much?  Simple…holiday parties.  I love holiday parties!  Not …

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Halloween Recipe: Chocolate and Espresso Terror-Misu

I love sugar.  Sugar makes me happy.  I also love death and destruction, so when I get an opportunity to combine those two loves into one wickedly amazing desert, I’m a happy demon. While it’s …

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