Welcome to the Devil’s Kitchen!

Congratulations, you’ve stumbled upon the ongoing blog for the Devil’s favorite cook!

MeHello.  I’m Tye, aka Hellen Die and I’m here to teach you how to make disgustingly delicious and darkly decadent dishes.

Come join me as I venture into the Devil’s Kitchen, pry open his cookbook, and try out a few of his favorite recipes.

This blog is dedicated to creating some of the most frighteningly tasty food you can imagine. These gory, Halloween and horror-inspired recipes and terrifyingly tempting treats are absolutely 100% edible and not that hard to make…I promise!

Looking for a Halloween recipe guaranteed to scare even the bravest diner?  Need a horror inspired recipe to bring to your next big bash?  No problem.

I usually post at least once a week on Monday but as we get closer to Halloween, will start to post twice weekly, once on Tuesday and once on Thursday, with subject matter ranging from new and disturbing recipes to creepy tutorials and honest reviews of Halloween and horror related products and services.

Do you have an idea for the Nom?  I’m always open to new ideas and am dying to hear from you. 

Have you tried out a Necro Nom-nom-nomicon recipe and want to share?  Send me pics and I’ll feature you on my Minions on the Loose page.

So let your taste buds guide you as your eyes lie to you and join me as I set the table for terror and whip up something wicked in the kitchen.



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DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a professional baker or chef.  I’m just someone who really really really likes Halloween.  Professionally, I come from the world of Film and Television and have had a blast applying what I’ve learned in prop making and costuming to food and projects.  My hope is by publishing this blog I’ll be able to connect with other like-minded Halloween fans.
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