Lucifur, the Lord of Barkness, has Chosen our Winners!

As many of you know, we just wrapped up our second giveaway here at the Nom.  For the past month, we’ve had victims visitors signing up for a chance to win one of five custom-made Shrinky Dink Bat Bracelets.

30 days later we had 35 willing sign ups…and so yesterday we officially drew our winner.

But before we go over all that, I thought you’d like a behind-the-scenes peek at just how our winner was selected…courtesy of Lucifur, the Lord of Barkness…

Luci draws a winner pt 1

Luci draws a winner pt 2

Now, originally I said we were going to draw only 5 souls names, but Lucifur got so excited she drew six…and then later explained to me that six was a much better number than five anyway…and since she’s the boss, I had to agree.

So without further ado, our six winners:

  • Kathy Disler
  • Trisha Burnett
  • Alex Rader
  • Sammy Watkins
  • Susan Whitman
  • Carolyn Watkins

Congratulations to all the winners.  I will be contacting you all via email to confirm your addresses.  Thank you to everyone who participated and gave me some great ideas for future posts.  This giveaway might be closed, but there will be many more to come!

Bone appetite!

lucifur the lord of barkness






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