Lucifur, The Lord of Barkness has chosen a winnner!

As many of you know, we’ve been holding our first giveaway here at the Nom.  For the past month we’ve had victims visitors signing up for a chance to win one amazing, totally awesome custom Yeti mug courtesy of the kick ass company,

30 days later we had 48 willing sign ups…and so yesterday we officially drew our winner.

But before we go over all that, I thought you’d like a behind-the-scenes peek at just how our winner was selected…which means I have to officially introduce you to my boss…Lucifur.


Not to be confused with our ultimate big boss, Lucifer.  

Here, let me explain:

Lucifer is the lord of Darkness…

LuciFUR is the lord of Barkness…

And because I believe in giving credit where credit is due…Lucifur is the real mastermind behind this entire blog.  Without her driving me, there’s no way I’d have as much done as I do.  And don’t let those big brown eyes fool you…she’s a taskmaster!

Anyway, Lucifur insisted that she be the one to draw out the winning name, which meant I printed everyone’s entry out, cut them into 48 individual pieces, folded them all up into equal bits, and put them in her bowl.

skull bowl

Once that was done, I put it down on the ground for her to dig through.

choosing a name

A decision this important takes time and she made sure to deliberate over each and every entry thoroughly, but finally…after about 5 minutes of pondering and consideration, she carefully chose a single name.

The winner is chosen

She retreated with her chosen name to her favorite chair and allowed me to read the name…

my work is done

Congrats Ben Moore!  You’ve won the Necro Nom-nom-nomicon Yeti mug couresy of Select Etch!!!

the prize

Her work done, and with a snack or two as a reward…Lucifur decided to indulge in one of her favorite vices, sloth.


So there you have it!  Our first giveaway is complete!  Congrats Ben Moore!  And before anyone feels left out, we will be doing many more giveaways for lots of fun stuff so stay tuned, keep cooking, and as always —

Bone appetite!



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