Cocoa Spiders – Coming soon

It took forever, but I finally got my cocoa spiders to work the way I wanted!  I still need to go back and fully document exactly how I made these, step by step, but for now, here’s a video sneak peek of what is coming soon!

These are 100% hand molded chocolate spiders stuffed full of miniature marshmallows.  You drop them into a mug and then pour hot milk over them.  As they melt, they release all their mini-marshmallow “eggs” while also turning the hot milk into cocoa!  It’s dark, delicious, and disgustingly magical!


I decided to test out my spider making skills and see how ‘realistic’ they were by leaving them around the house for my family to find.

Needless to say, I’m in a bit of trouble now…but it was worth it.



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