Halloween Recipe: Black Sesame and Almond Misfortune Cookies

Time for some honest fortune cookies…

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Halloween Recipe: Chocolate and Espresso Terror-Misu

I love sugar.  Sugar makes me happy.  I also love death and destruction, so when I get an opportunity to combine those two loves into one wickedly amazing desert, I’m a happy demon. While it’s …

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Halloween Recipe: Fire Roasted Hearts of My Betrayers

Hell can be lonely.  Yes, even with all the torture and endless eons of mischief and bedevilment…which means to get away from it all, I like to pop up topside every once in a while …

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A Change in Venue and a Happy Birthday to a Fan!

First off, I want to apologize for going dark these past few days.  No, not dark as in my heart…that’s been that way for well over almost half a century (but shhhh…don’t tell.)  No, I’m …

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