Halloween Recipe: The Halfblood Blend Unicorn Frozen Drink

Did you miss out on the #unicornfrappucino? Don’t cry! Whip up your own #halfbloodblend

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Halloween Recipe: Scary Fast Raspberry Hand Pies

Every once in a while I get called upon to use my powers for good.  Case in point, last week I had to make a pie…which turned out deliciously but did leave me with a …

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Halloween Recipe: Raspberry Stuffed Dark Chocolate Skull Truffles and Easy Skull Box

Looking for a last minute sweet for your sweetie? Give them this drop dead easy treat.

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Halloween Recipe: Nevermore Black Chocolate Cupcakes

What better way to celebrate a dark and dreary winter day than with a batch of Nevermore black chocolate cupcakes?!?  Each black chocolate devil’s food cupcake is baked with an Oreo cookie base, stuffed with a raspberry core, frosted with thick dark chocolate frosting and topped with a hand molded white chocolate crow skull.

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