Halloween Recipe: Anubis Black Sand and Scorpion baked pudding

Made from only the finest ingredients, this Sand and Scorpion pie is truly an experience in texture as well as taste.  Crowned with six massive, jet black scorpions, it’s a combination of silk and crunch and spice that is literally…to die for.

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Halloween Recipe: Blackbird and Spiderweb Pie

You don’t really need 4 and 20 Blackbirds to make this disgustingly delicious Halloween pie. We promise not to tell if you use chicken instead.

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Halloween Recipe: Scary Fast Raspberry Hand Pies

Every once in a while I get called upon to use my powers for good.  Case in point, last week I had to make a pie…which turned out deliciously but did leave me with a …

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Halloween Recipe: Cherry Die Pie

We’re in the full swing of summer down here (yes, even Hell has seasons) and nothing says blistering hot days and long sticky  nights quite like a cherry pie…and nothing says “gruesomely delicious” quite like …

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