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Halloween DIY: Homemade Simmer Sack

As we’ve discussed before in previous posts, Hell isn’t exactly the most pleasant smelling place, which is why I love projects that smell amazing.  We’ve also discussed my undying love for being lazy (sloth is still one of my favorite deadly sins), and projects that are both cheap and easy to do always rank high on my list.  To that end, these simple simmer sacks are the perfect project! 

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Halloween DIY: Cinnamon Bat Ornaments

Because Hell tends to stink and sulfur doesn’t exactly scream “Holidays,” I like to make these simple cinnamon applesauce ornaments and hang them all around the underworld.  Not only are they ridiculously easy to make, the end results smell good enough to eat.

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Halloween DIY: Easy homemade Crystal Skull

Demons are a lot like magpies.  We love shiny things!  We also love skulls, so you can imagine how excited I was when I figured out I could combine those two loves into one damned easy (and impressive) craft!

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Halloween DIY: Glow in the dark smoking cauldron

This spooky Halloween fogger DIY is not only relatively easy, it’s surprisingly cheap for the level of effect you’ll get from it.

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Halloween DIY: Necro-Crafting Skull Desk LampHalloween DIY: Necro-Crafting Skull Desk LampHalloween DIY: Necro-Crafting Skull Desk Lamp

Halloween DIY: Easy Paper Skull Desk Lantern Project

Make your own easy to assemble DIY skull tabletop lamp with this step by step tutorial.

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Halloween DIY: Easy Shrinky Dink Bats Jewelry

These easy DIY Shrinky Dink bat bracelets are adorable, and might just bring you good luck!

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Halloween DIY: Homemade Sugar Scrub

Being a demon in Hell is hard enough…what with the constant mayhem and chaos, without having to deal with dry flaky skin on top of everything else.  My days are full of inciting riots, creating …

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Halloween DIY: Spooky Decorated Candles

Let’s get illuminated with this creepy and easy candle DIY

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Halloween DIY: Easy Felt Skull and Hearts Garland

Nothing says spring cheer quite like putting up your own DIY skull and heart garland!

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