Halloween DIY: Spooky Decorated Candles

Let’s get illuminated with this creepy and easy candle DIY

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Halloween Recipe: Chocolate Zombunnies and Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Celebrate the holiday with these fun and festive chocolate zombunnies!

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Halloween Recipe: Truly Deviled Eggs

These darkly delicious treats truly put the Devil in Deviled eggs!

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Halloween DIY: Hanging Skull Pendant Lamp

Now I’m not normally a participant in the “Throwback Thursday” game, but I came across this tutorial I did from way back in 2014 and had to share!   This baby comes at you from the …

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Halloween DIY: Fizzing Bath Bombs

The next time you feel like really relaxing…why not indulge in a little brainwashing?

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Celebrating a very Necro Nom-nom-nomicon Thanksgiving

Just though I’d share with you all my Aliens inspired chest burster turkey…or as my family calls it:  “Why you will never be allowed to cook a turkey for us again…regardless of how delicious it …

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