Midnight Feast

Midnight Feast Hellen Die

  • Inside this 19-page e-book you’ll find an entire darkly delicious meal, from appetizer to the main course to dessert.  The book contains six recipes, five which have never been seen on the site before! You’ll get:
    • Black like my soul bread
    • Black Bat Fon-don’t
    • Exsanguination Sangria
    • Black Pasta and Butternut Squash
    • Cider Roasted Blackbird
    • Death by Chocolate Black Skull Bombe
    Each and every dollar that comes from sales of this book goes straight back into the Nom…which means even more disgustingly delicious adventures to come! So if you’re…ahem…dying…to get your claws into this book, click here! Bone appetite!  
  • Midnight Feast