Soups and Salad

Halloween Recipe: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally’s Worm’s Wart Soup and Jack Skellington Grilled Cheese

Cozy up to a steaming bowl of Sally’s Worm’s Wart Soup and a hot Jack Skellington grilled cheese sandwich as we celebrate The Nightmare Before Christmas with this perfect Halloween recipe!

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Halloween Recipe: Chili Con Carnage

This chili will warm your bones with a healthy kick of spices and a sinister (yet surprisingly easy to make) skinless chicken sausage skull on top.

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Halloween Recipe: Sinfully Slothful Seafood Gumbo

Gumbo so easy to make and so delicious you’d swear there was Voodoo involved.

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Halloween Recipe: Broccoli and Pea Green Salad Grubs

When it’s not caterpillar season and you’re looking for a snack…why not make your own substitution?

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