Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers

  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
  • Halloween Recipe: Mocha Mice with Oozing Red Centers
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Before we get started, I should let you know, **This post contains affiliate links.
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Did you know mice like coffee?  No, let me correct that…they love coffee.  In fact, they’ll kill for coffee…or at least, in the case of my friend Kyle who left a pot on the floor next to his desk on a Friday and found a dead mouse floating in it on Monday, they will die for coffee.

And then they will sink to the bottom of the pot and the only way you will know they are in there is when you pour yourself a cup early Monday morning and suddenly find a very soggy, very caffeinated, very dead rodent in your mug, staring back at you with tiny lifeless eyes.

Yeah.  That happened.

I’m posting this recipe for two reasons today:

  1. A small PSA. Don’t leave coffee pots full of coffee out in your office over the weekend. No mouse deserves to go that way.
  2. Because I’m an opportunistic bastard and the visual of a dead mouse in anyone’s coffee is just gross enough to inspire not only a recipe on my blog but a truly disgusting one…complete with an oozing red center…but with much less fur.

To make your own coffee cup worthy mocha mice, you will need:

  • ½ cup red candy melts
  • ¼ cup white candy melts
  • ½ cup black candy melts
  • ½ cup heavy whipping cream
  • Powdered sugar (optional)
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Mouse molds
  • Sucker sticks
  • Cooking spray
  • Food safe paint brush
  • Parchment paper

Start by first giving your molds a light spritz of cooking spray.  You don’t need much, just a light coat.

In a microwave safe bowl, melt your white candy melts by zapping them for 15-second intervals and stirring between each zap.  Once your white candy melts are liquid and smooth, add in 1 red candy melt and stir to combine.

You should end up with a nice pink color.

Using your paint brush, gently fill in the tail section of your mouse mold with pink.  It helps to give it a thin coat first, let it cool, then add more until you fill in the entire tail.  You can also add tiny dots of pink for their paws.

Allow that to fully cool and harden.

While that’s happening, melt your black candy melts the same way you did your white.  When they’re liquid smooth, again use your paint brush to fully coat the inside body section of your mice.  You want your mocha mice to be hollow so start by first filling the molds fully with the black candy melt, tilting to coat all the surfaces of their body, then turning the mold upside down over a piece of parchment paper to drain.  Do this two times so you have a thin coating of black candy melts.

In a separate microwave safe bowl, melt the rest of your red candy melts until liquid smooth.   Slowly add in your heavy cream and vanilla extract and stir until smooth.  You should end up with a nice, thick ganache with a texture close to cool honey.

If you’re using your mocha mice in coffee, leave the ganache exactly as it is.  If you’re planning on eating your mouse like a sucker, it’s nice to give the interior a little body so it won’t ooze out all over with the first bite.  To make the center a little firmer, mix in your powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon at a time until you achieve a texture you’re happy with.

Regardless of the texture of your mocha mouse center, you want to add it to the body cavity of your mouse molds.  Fill each one almost all the way up the sides of your black candy melt bodies.  Don’t go all the way to the top as you need to have a black candy melt edge available so you can seal the whole thing up again.

Now is also the time to add in your sucker sticks.

Pop the entire thing into the freezer for at least 15 minutes.  You want the interiors to be nice and firm for the final step.

When your interiors are solid, carefully spoon a layer of cooled but still liquid black candy melt over the back of your pops, fully sealing them in.

Again, return to the freezer to firm up for about 10 minutes.

When your mocha mice are fully firmed up, carefully pop them from the mold using their sticks.

To serve and really get the impact of the gooey center, use your mocha mice to stir a cup of coffee.

They’ll melt after the first few moments in the hot beverage, revealing their bright red oozing disgustingly delicious centers while also giving your coffee a sweet chocolatey kick.

You can also get the same effect by dipping them in hot milk for a gruesome hot chocolate.


Bone appetite!

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