June 2016

Halloween Recipe: Roasted Heart of My Enemies

Let’s talk about an offal subject…specifically hearts…and how to eat one. Ha ha!  I can hear you squeamishly moaning all the way over here in disgust and fear.  You mortals, with your strange idea of …

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Cherry Die Pie

Part of the fun of pulling together the Necro-nom-nom-nomicon is getting to test run new recipes…like this one…my first attempt of my vanilla and almond “Cherry Die Pie.” I made it last night at the …

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Finding Inspiration All Around

Part of what makes my task of coming up with fun new and creepy treats is being able to draw inspiration from the world around me. I’m currently working on the Syfy show Z Nation …

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Halloween Recipe: Salty Baked Blood Clot Chips with Walpurgis Cheese

You mere mortals are funny creatures, with your squeamish reactions to blood.  Again, out of respect for you all, I’m offering up a substitution recipe for an otherwise incredibly popular underworld treat. Don’t ever let it …

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Halloween DIY: Homemade Flayed Flesh Tablecloth

Set your table for a meal to die for by making your own flayed flesh tablecloth in this creepy Halloween DIY.

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A Change in Venue and a Happy Birthday to a Fan!

First off, I want to apologize for going dark these past few days.  No, not dark as in my heart…that’s been that way for well over almost half a century (but shhhh…don’t tell.)  No, I’m …

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